What They Said

I am ecstatic about the website that you built for me! It is exactly how I envisioned it! I really appreciated your attentiveness and consistency throughout the course of this project! Your customer service is amazing and I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends. You did a MAGNIFICENT job!
Thank you soooo much! “A Client For Life!”

Carmen Carter “Dancing with the Stars Singer / Performer

Carmen Carter – Singer


Along with her creative headpieces, fashion, television, and film appearances, Carmen Carter is publicly known for her dynamic and captivating vocal performances on the Emmy nominated hit television show Dancing with the Stars.

With so much going, Carmen needed a website that:

  • She could update regularly
  • Use to connect with her fans
  • Aggregated her social media presences
  • Was designed to fit her established brand and style
  • Could act as a storefront for her products


Under Keith Cohn’s direction, Gunner Technology created a design that highlighted Carmen. The large masthead with Carmen in the background immediately identifies the site as the home for all things Carmen Carter.

The first thing a first-time visitor will notice is the homepage slider, which highlights photography from the three most important aspects of the site. Carmen has the ability to change these to highlight whatever she feels is most important to her fans.

We designed her a simplified nav, which was difficult because she has so much going on. But, in the final design, a user can get to any part of the site in one click.

Also, we wanted to clearly differentiate the store from the rest of the site. To achieve this, we lightened the color scheme on store pages.

All Carmen’s social sites are connected, directing her fans to her Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr accounts. We also added her Constant Contact account, so her fans can get daily updates via email.


Carmen already had a strong brand that consisted of heavy use of purple and pink. We designed the site to complement the aesthetic style of that brand. Just like Carmen, the site is vibrant, bold, and beautiful.


We chose Edwardian Script ITC – an elegant font – for the masthead.

We picked Verdana for its visual clarity for all page titles and text copy.