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Catherine Carlen – Actor

I recommend Keith with all my heart. Keith was so wonderful to work with. He had great ideas and so easy to work with. He created a stylish, easy to navigate site for me. It is totally accessible and showcases the many facets of my offering in a smart and stylish way. He doesn’t bother you with technical issues, he just asks what you want your site to accomplish and he makes it happen. And it was incredibly fast from start to finish! He is the Best of the Best! He is the Perfect Choice! Catherine Carlen / Actress www.realcatherinecarlen.com

Catherine Carlen – Actor2023-10-06T22:18:19+00:00

Body and Soul Acupuncture

I have used Keith and CCreative Design on two separate occasions. Once to bring my outdated website into modern times. The second time was a few years later when I needed to add an online store to my site... in a crunch. Keith is great! He is friendly, and knowledgeable, with open lines of communication. When I needed my online store up... he was able to do it quickly and efficiently. I love the way my website looks! I highly recommend him! Thanks, Keith!

R. Antonio Whiteley, L.Ac.
8315 Beverly Blvd.
Suite 201
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Body and Soul Acupuncture2023-10-12T14:09:59+00:00

Shirley Impellizzeri, Ph.D. – Healthy Mente

“Dr. Shirley” is a clinically trained Psychologist with a Doctorate Degree in Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Keith at CCreativeDesign.com is incredibly knowledgeable, fixed a problem that 2 others couldn’t figure out. He is tenacious, thorough, communicated well with me and he has a very funny sense of humor which made it a pleasure to work with him. - Shirley Impellizzeri, Ph.D. - HealthyMente.com
Shirley Impellizzeri, Ph.D. – Healthy Mente2023-10-10T21:44:35+00:00

Gary Quinn

International motivational speaker, life coach strategist, educator, and best-selling author

“I was hesitant to purchase a new website and finding a great web designer can sometimes be an easy excuse not to do it. Look no more! Keith Cohn CEO of CCreativeDesign.com is a master at helping customize and create a brand image. Whatever website design you need, wherever you are in the world he is talented, affordable, and efficient." Gary Quinn, best-selling author, life strategist coach, and founder of the Touchstone For Life Coaching Program. GaryQuinn.tv
Gary Quinn2023-10-11T21:09:30+00:00


Today I received a wonderful goodbye email from one of my client's employees that I have been working with over the past several years. Sorry to hear she is leaving. here is her email: Hi Keith! I am writing to let you know that I will be leaving weSPARK at the end of next week :(. I have decided to return to my roots in the education field and I have taken a position at an elementary school! I know we have never actually met in person, but I want you to know it's been a joy speaking with you and working with you via the phone all these years :) Thanks so much Keith- let me know if you have any questions, and again, I thank you for all your help over the years. I wish you all the best. Warmly, Carlin Bell Operations and Guest Manager weSPARK Cancer Support Center weSPARK.org


Eli Anker, M.D., P.C.

What They Said

"Keith Cohn is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is a true professional and an expert web designer.

I do the marketing for my father’s medical practice and years ago we called on Keith to put together a website for us. Since then with the advances in technology and the rise in social media, we needed to update the site. I initially reached out to a different company/designer about a year ago to help improve the site.

After a year of working with this OTHER company and being completely dissatisfied, someone I work with had the idea to turn to our original website graphic designer (Keith). Well, I could hug them now...

Eli Anker, M.D., P.C.2024-05-08T19:16:09+00:00

Tim Braun – Spiritual Medium

What They Said "Working with Keith has been a breath of fresh air. I have previously worked with four web designers before working with Keith and I can honestly say he has been the best by far. His professionalism and attention to detail is outstanding and I love that I can always expect a prompt and thorough response whenever I need assistance. I constantly receive numerous compliments on his work and wouldn't trust anyone else to represent my business. I highly recommend his service to anyone." visit the site: TimBraun.net    

Tim Braun – Spiritual Medium2024-05-08T19:26:31+00:00

The MEGA Way

What They Said Thank you soooo much for an AMAZING Site and you kindness!!! TheMEGAWay.com  LIVE on 11/11/11 visit the site: TheMEGAWay.com Background The MEGA Way’s Mission What if we told you, that in less than 30-days, you would be able to easily take charge over Your Mind, Body & Spirit? In other words, what if You would never have to even think about what to eat or not, how and if to exercise or not, which supplements are right for you or not? You would just Basically be in a position where YOU know hands-on what works for you or not! We have found through many of our life experiences that the correct knowledge, access to ALL relative information concerning ANY and every subject matter, and most important owning the power of your thoughts is the ticket to REAL consciousness. Now, we are not saying or using the word POWER in a “We want to rule the world” context, no, instead we are using this word as “We are in charge of us, our thoughts and ALL that we do” context! So, what is our Mission Intention? Our Mission Intention has been writing The MEGA Way Trilogy Books and filling it with ALL the [...]

The MEGA Way2021-03-12T15:36:26+00:00

DSI Entertainment – Testimonial

What They Said

Keith listened to our needs and built the website so I could easily update it, which has been immensely helpful. Over the years, we've tweaked our design and Keith has been there all along to help and make useful suggestions on what we can do to better our site's design and navigation. The site has grown substantially since it first relaunched, and our site continues to be one of the most heavily trafficked websites in our industry. Thank you, Keith. Josh Christian, Marketing VP at DSI Entertainment Systems, Los Angeles, California - www.DSIEntertainment.com
DSI Entertainment – Testimonial2023-10-11T23:01:55+00:00

weSpark – Testimonial

What They Said
We needed a site that would be easy to navigate and offer people the opportunity to make a donation. We rely only on private donations, so having a website that makes that safe, comfortable and easy for people is of the utmost importance to us. We researched many web development companies and several of our guests and consultants recommended CCreativeDesign.com. Their proposal alone showed that they had researched who we were and understood the work that we were doing. In the process of building our website, they went above and beyond and delivered what we needed in a timely and professional manner. Our trust and confidence in them makes it easy to say they are the only place we would go in the future for any of our website needs. To say it simply, CCreativeDesign.com/Gunner Technology is the best! Nancy Allen, Executive Director - weSPARK Cancer Support Center, Los Angeles A big thanks to Nancy, Lea Salvatore and the rest of the staff. We really enjoyed working with you!

weSpark – Testimonial2021-03-12T15:38:09+00:00

CJ Interiors -Testimonial

What They Said

CCreativeDesign, under the direction of Keith Cohn, has developed our company websites from the start of our business which started back in 1998. They have done remarkable work in all phases of our web projects, from the initial website design to final implementation and support. They have always been a pleasure to deal with. Always polite, responsive, professional and most importantly...extremely talented. CCreativeDesign has gained our trust over the years through consistency in their work. I cannot emphasize enough how strongly we would recommend CCreativeDesign's services to others in need of web design and development.
Christopher James Interiors, LLC & Italian Country Home, LLC
CJ Interiors -Testimonial2023-10-11T23:07:01+00:00

Carmen Carter -Testimonial

What They Said

I am ecstatic about the website that you built for me! It is exactly how I envisioned it! I really appreciated your attentiveness and consistency throughout the course of this project! Your customer service is amazing and I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends. You did a MAGNIFICENT job! Thank you soooo much! "A Client For Life!"
Carmen Carter "Dancing with the Stars Singer / Performer
Carmen Carter -Testimonial2021-03-12T15:42:55+00:00

46XY Home – Testimonial

What They Said

Keith and Cody developed a web site for us that went far beyond our wildest imaginations. They combined the latest in technology and security systems with clever marketing caches, and made the site easy to navigate, and in a word, fun! Equally important was the "customer support" that we received from Keith and Cody. Being about as naive as one can be when it comes to the world of the web, we were guided step by step throughout the web site development by Keith and Cody with tremendous professionalism and patience (and a little humor thrown in along the way.) They are the best at what they do.
David McGrath Andrew Silver, M.D. 46XYhome, Inc.
46XY Home – Testimonial2021-03-12T15:43:26+00:00

Eli Anker M.D. – Testimonial

What They Said

Thorough, timely, cost-effective, and EXCELLENT website design! Keith is always readily accessible to help with even the smallest details, and he does so in the friendliest, most professional manner. Reaching out to him is always a comfortable and pleasant experience, whether it be via email or phone. Our website has proven to be a great marketing tool - and we are constantly getting compliments!
Karina Veintimilla - Office Manager - Eli Anker, M.D., P.C.
Eli Anker M.D. – Testimonial2023-10-06T22:17:24+00:00

Assoc. of Celebrity Personal Assistants – Testimonial

What They Said

I am honored to give an account to Keith Cohn. Keith spent long hours creating The ACPA website. He went above an beyond what most developers would do to build a site that our members could use intuitively. Once the site had been live for less than 3 months as we gathered more 'members' feedback, he was then able to assess and implement improvements. He also anticipated functions that would be more effective for our group while keeping the site streamlined. It is no surprise how the company name cCreative Design transpired. As the name suggests, Keith Cohn brings creative design to all his endeavors.
Drei Donnnelly, President - Assoc of Celebrity Assistants, Los Angeles, California

Assoc. of Celebrity Personal Assistants – Testimonial2021-03-12T15:46:09+00:00

Designer Looks, LLC – Testimonial

What They Said

Praise for the creative work of Keith Cohn at CCreativeDesigns. Keith spent countless hours making certain every detail was exactly correct in creating my web site. www.DesignerLooksLLC.com The most important aspect for me was the ability to work one on one with Keith in the process. The end result is one I am extremely proud of. The layout is a true expression of my work and has assisted me in meeting the needs of my clientele. "Thank You, Keith!"
Sandy Leweke - CEO/Designer - Designer Looks LLC
Designer Looks, LLC – Testimonial2021-03-12T15:47:19+00:00

Julie Baker Designs – Testimonial

What They Said

To whom it may concern, I am writing this testimonial in regards to my business relationship with Keith Cohn. After researching many websites, I discovered a beautiful jewelry designers. I lived in NYC at the time, and had business in LA of which Keith accommodated me into his busy schedule to work with me on the development. I was very impressed by both his work ethic, pricing and dedication. Since the conception of the site, he has continually kept up the hosting and even a note here and there to say hello. I LOVE my site, and it has proven to be very successful!
Julie Baker, Owner - Julie Baker Designs, New York, New York - www.JulieBakerDesign.com
Julie Baker Designs – Testimonial2021-03-12T15:47:50+00:00


What They Said

CCreativeDesign has been most instrumental in launching my business. Keith built a beautiful site for me and listened carefully to my needs and wants. I am very satisfied and continue a happy and productive relationship with Keith. When I need help, I get quick and responsive answers to my questions and feel like my needs are being met most successfully.I will gladly recommend CCreativeDesign to anyone. Keith is well informed with any and all technical aspects of web building and design.
Sally Bridge - C.E.O - Sally Bridge Metal -Rustic Modern Couture Furniture

Nikos Psarras (Actor) – Testimonial

What They Said

Almost ten years ago Mr Keith Cohn build my web site.As an actor living in Los Angeles back then,my manager as well as my agent asked me for a web site so i can make their life easy.An easy way to 'pitch me' as we say in the showbissness everywhere in US abd in Europe as well. After sarching a lot a saw Mr Cohn work and i love it from the first moment.He knew that he had to build something different fast and he created a piece of art!! I booked many jobs from this site...it gives immideately my style and its very professional!! Now im working in Europe and i still use it all the time. Im very lucky and glad having it. thank you!!!!
Nikos Psarras - Actor
Nikos Psarras (Actor) – Testimonial2023-10-10T18:49:26+00:00
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