What They Said

weSPARK Cancer Support Center is a small non-profit located in Sherman Oaks, California, offering free services to cancer patients, their families and friends. Our website is a critical part of our organization. We needed a site that would be easy to navigate and offer people the opportunity to make a donation. We rely only on private donations, so having a website that makes that safe, comfortable and easy for people is of the utmost importance to us. We researched many web development companies and several of our guests and consultants recommended Gunner Technology. Their proposal alone showed that they had researched who we were and understood the work that we were doing. In the process of building our website, they went above and beyond and delivered what we needed in a timely and professional manner. Our trust and confidence in them makes it easy to say they are the only place we would go in the future for any of our website needs. To say it simply, CCreativeDesign.com/Gunner Technology is the best!

Nancy Allen, Executive Director – weSPARK Cancer Support Center, Los Angeles

A big thanks to Nancy, Lea Salvatore, and the rest of the staff. We really enjoyed working with you!



weSPARK is a place dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for cancer patients, their families, and friends. weSPARK provides, free of charge, a center where one can join with others to share their experience, strength, and hope. weSPARK offers multiple services designed to heal the mind, body, and spirit of all those whose lives have been affected by cancer. weSPARK provides a variety of programs and opportunities for the social exchange to all people, regardless of income, race, religious affiliation, age, or where they go for treatment.


weSPARK was referred to us by a former client. They had been operating a website that was built on the Movable Type publishing platform and was running on a small Amazon Web Service AMI Instance.

The cost to run the AMI was high and the staff had difficulty using the Movable Type platform to update the site.

Finally, the design itself needed a reboot.


We rebuilt the site from scratch on top of our WordPress content management system.

Allison Mills provided the new design which was lighter than the original design and highlighted the site’s photography, which is its most powerful feature.

Allison also simplified the navigation scheme, moving to a single dropdown with organic linking in place of a multi-tiered, mega dropdown that was filled with disparate links.

We also moved the site to our WordPress network, virtually eliminating the hosting bill.

Finally, we provided custom wrote and video training and documentation to the staff so that they could manage the site and publish new content quickly and easily.