What They Said

To whom it may concern,
I am writing this testimonial in regards to my business relationship with Keith Cohn.
After researching many websites, I discovered a beautiful jewelry designers.
I lived in NYC at the time, and had business in LA of which Keith accommodated me into his busy schedule to work with me on the development.
I was very impressed by both his work ethic, pricing and dedication.
Since the conception of the site, he has continually kept up the hosting and even a note here and there to say hello.
I LOVE my site, and it has proven to be very successful!

Julie Baker, Owner – Julie Baker Designs, New York, New York – www.JulieBakerDesign.com



Julie Baker’s unique understanding of women and their many lifestyles contributes to the versatility of Julie Baker Design. Julie wears her pieces with jeans and a white tee-shirt, as well as with couture gowns to the fashion industry’s most elite events. Her designs are recognized as timeless, feminine, and wonderfully sexy. A classic look with a modern twist.